Thursday, February 6, 2014

Here we Snow Again!

We are reminded almost on a daily basis that we live in Canada.  This winter we have received the most snow fall in recent memory.  Conversations are all about the weather and how it's like the winters of our youth!  I grew up just north of Bowmanville and remember snow events that meant the school bus was cancelled for days!  We have been spoiled these past few years as the weather has been relatively mild.

We do live in a beautiful country and we are fortunate to be able to cope with this changeable climate.

Stay safe and warm everyone.  I can hardly wait until it gets warm enough for us to start complaining about the heat!

We cancelled Knitt'n Night as I was worried about the drifting later in the evening and really did not look forward to travelling home in the dark.

The comments on Facebook made me smile as they were concerned for my safety as without me there would not be a Soper Creek Yarn.  I was concerned about my customers safety as with out them there would not be a Yarn shop either!

Thank you!

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