Tuesday, September 17, 2013


How many of you noticed that the last two posts are pretty much the same, I didn't really notice until a couple of days after I wrote the second one!

Trying to keep you informed and entertained at the same time has proven to be a bit tricky.  I will try again.  

Like you I have stash. It is my goal to reduce the personal stash this year,  I have sorted it a little and have given away some of the yarn I know I will never use. I purchased a lovely yarn a few years ago and I when I purchased it I did not quite know what I would make with it, but I loved the colour and softness.  (100% organic cotton)    It came down to either giving away the yarn or giving away the project. 

During that really hot week in July we went camping, camping  without air conditioning!  The trailer was a very quiet and lovely spot, but it was hot!  I started this 'Chalice' blanket but the heat would not let me get much past the first ball, knowing that if I did not create a deadline for this project that is would hide in a WIP bag for a long time.  I decided that the only way to ensure that I would get this finished was to enter in the Orono Fair.  I finished it 2 days before the Fair.

The blanket did not win a ribbon, but now I have a lovely gift for the next baby worthy of an organic cotton blanket.  (The extra ball is for the matching sweater, next year's Orono Fair?)

I entered a few other projects, some came home with ribbons attached.
We always have an interesting discussion on the Judges opinions, but I would never like to be the judge in a competition,  

Included in the entries was a new cowl knit with my favourite super wash yarn.  Classic Elite's Liberty wool is the perfect yarn for this 'Inspira' cowl.  Pick 2 different colour ways and watch how they blend.

It's beautiful and squishy and super soft.

In the stash at the store there is a complete 'Yarn Tasting' kit from Classic Elite. Time to use that one up too!  Included in the kit are mini skeinettes of several yarns that are in the shop's inventory and a lovely door prize.  

On October 2nd from 7 pm - 9 pm 10 of you can join us!  The fee for the night is $15.00, it gives you at least a dozen samples to take home and the chance to win a door prize.

Sign up soon, 

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