Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's been a while!

The month of March has proven to be a challenge!

A week ago we said goodbye to our beloved Cardigan Corgi 'Jasper'.  Jasper was a happy, ambitious, smart, spunky, lovable companion.  He loved to be where ever we were.  We took him with us when we camped (he pooped in 5 provinces!); he stayed in Hotels;  he was a passenger in just about every vehicle 'The Farmer' drove.  At 14 he had outlived the average age for his breed by a couple of years!  We were thankful for those extra years.  Needless to say our home feels very empty right now.

The last week of March is next week we look forward to April, and Spring?  (It's been a long winter!)
A quick reminder that the Yarn Challenge projects are due right after Easter! So far 8 entries have made there way back into the shop, competition is pretty tough again this year!  I am still working on mine, a few details to finish. 

See You soon

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Tagati said...

So sorry about your loss. Having a pack of dogs and a clowder of cats myself, I can definitely relate to the love of a pet and the pain of their loss.