Saturday, August 18, 2012

Packing, Unpacking and Moving yarn!

This week was transition week.  Summer weather is turning into Autumn weather! Summer yarns are being replaced with Wintery versions.  (Some have even started their Christmas Knitting!)

The Clearance yarn is slowly making its way to the back of the shop. (when the weather co-operates a bucket of specials will make it outside!)

New yarn is taking up the empty cubbies we made and yarn is being moved around a little.

This week a big shipment of Snuggly Dk and Baby Bamboo arrived.  (Did you know that the shop carries over 40 colours of Snuggly DK and over 20 colours of Baby Bamboo!)

Next week 3 big boxes arrive from another supplier, Marble Chunky (5 new colours) and a new super chunky blend that I like so much I ordered an extra bag to make myself a cardigan.

The Ruffle yarn has some new options arriving  as well!  Ninette and Rocio Plus!

 I am trying to be very organized by moving from one end of the shop to other, but it is becoming a challenge!
The back corner is becoming very congested!

Fortunately for me many of you don't mind the chaos and love looking inside the boxes to see what is coming next.

What am I working on?  I made a list of things to enter into the Orono Fair, one of the items is an Afghan I have been trying to finish for the past year!  I am determined to get it done.  Last night I began putting the i-cord border along a couple of the squares I sewed together.  This morning I realised that I had put it on the wrong edge so it was ripped back.  I really want this done, so back to your knitting everyone!

See you Tuesday.

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