Thursday, November 27, 2008

And she said: "let there be light"...and it was good!

Finally, after days of missing each other the electricians arrived to fix all the wiring problems in the store. Small towns are great in that the electrical guy was someone that I knew. So after figuring out where all the wires went and finding that most of the fixtures had the wrong bulbs in them and that's why they weren't working we are now fully lit.

A trip to the big box store netted some okay light fixtures, but as usual the staff member sent me back with the wrong lightbulbs...another trip to exchange and get the right kind! Do you think they do that on purpose to get you back to the store?

The Baskets have arrived. Baba Tree Baskets are in the car waiting to be unwrapped and reshaped. These baskets are handmade in Ghana, fair trade, lovely. Can't wait to open the package.

I phoned a major yarn supplier to inquire about my order..very large. Reply was: "when would you like me to send it?" My response: "Last Friday?" So they are shipping that today!

Things are getting done....its just taking way longer than I planned.

5 more sleeps until Soper Creek Yarn opens!

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