Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New Week!

Last week was a tough week. I appreciated the kind words from all of you as we faced losing someone so suddenly. I know that there will be moments that we will miss Monica very much and they will come without warning. Today we went to another visitation for the father and grandfather of friends...we celebrated his life and accomplishments! That's 3 in 3 weeks! Life is precious!

It's back to work and happier thoughts. Yarn challenge entries are slowly being returned to their creators. These are the 3 winners: Nancy's felted Hat: Katherine's "Barn Hat" (Katherine is 3 for 3, she has won something every year!)First Place was Suzanne's "Baby Surprise Jacket" (Suzanne learned to knit 2 years ago!)More pictures during the week.

I have been looking around the shop and pulling a few yarns and placing them aside. After 2 years of being open there are some leftovers and some ends of lines that need to be cleaned up to make room for new stuff. Beginning on Wednesday there is a Spring Cleaning Event happening. Over the next couple of weeks the yarn will come out of hiding and put into baskets at great prices! Each week the selection will change!
The sidebar will tell you what's on sale this week!
Come early, come often!
See you Soon.

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